fredag 29 september 2017

Dagens kort - Torsdag 28/9 2017

Golden Solar Dragon - Dragon Oracle Cards
Helps you stand in your masculine power with wisdom.  
Let your DNA be reprogrammed and light codes activated. Become an inspired leader. 

Radha (IGEN!) - Keepers of the Light
Soul flame
Rediscover a lost part of yourself. Experience relationship harmony and healing. 

Hope and Happiness - Natures Whispers
Open your heart and let a bit of heaven and the stars inside. Let all colours sparkle and give yourself a big amount of love. 


Linda Öberg
Änglamedium, Atlantean Healer™ och intuitiv coach /
Psychic angelmedium,
Atlantean Healing Practitioner™ and intuitive coach
Tel: +46 (0)73  716 21 26 

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